Vooya: raw YUV/RGB Video Player

Version 0.9.1 is out, yo!

Vooya serves as YUV player, RGB player and as generic raw data player – video data that is uncompressed and containerless, most commonly used in scientific environments. Besides, vooya can handle y4m and dpx files. Vooya is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and has a variety of features which makes working with raw data easier:

  • Detects format and color space by file name (currently YUV, XYZ, YIQ and RGB are supported), 4:0:0, 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4, planar, interleaved and arbitrary bit depths up to 16bit fixed point, and also exotic or special formats like v210, NV12 etc.
  • plays image sequences
  • plays y4m files
  • plays dpx/cineon files
  • Remembers file formats
  • Guesses format from file name
  • Drop / copy single frames (png, bmp, jpg)
  • Drawing annotations
  • Magnifier, pixel-exact view
  • Advanced Deinterlacing
  • Single color channel view
  • Difference mode, PSNR and MSE measurements
  • Displays HEVC Coding Unit indices and partition index
  • Grid overlay for identifying H.264 Macroblocks
  • Control brightness, contrast and gamma
  • Two players can be synchronized
  • Can read Kakadu '.vix' files
  • Can read YUVPlayer Deluxe header files
  • Tools to reverse yuv files, extract single frames or sub-sequences
  • Mac OSX, Linux and Windows
  • Free for the time being
  • see the changelog for details
Vooya is intended to be a full-feature toolkit for the happy video researcher and was inspired mainly by PYUV Raw Sequence Player, YUV Player Deluxe, Avarex player, GLYUVPlay and so forth.
In case of questions or for bug reports, feel free to use the contact form.
Look at the usage guide in order to get help.

Download the current version below!
[and send me some money if you like it.]
last edited on July 2nd, 2014



Download vooya YUV player for your operating system:

vooya requires QT 4.8 runtimes on Ubuntu and Debian 32bit. On Debian 64bit, you need QT 4.6. Please make sure you have an appropriate version (libqt4-gui, libqt4-network and libqt4-core) installed. And sorry – linux sucks!

On Mac and Windows, runtime binaries come with the installer.


Comment by Iman |

Just works!

Comment by seonghoon |

Great application...


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Comment by anon |

This is GREAT!
I was looking for something like this for month!
Other players aren't so customizable!

Comment by foo |

Where is the source code?

Comment by ken |

I can't display YUV 10bit v210 format successfully. Does Vooya support v210 format?

Comment by bgm |

Hi, How about converting files to y4m?

vooya is not about conversion, but about display.
support for y4m is on the list.

Comment by Petros |

Amazing application, the of the best raw players. Can you give us the source code?
Thank you :)

return NULL;

Always welcome!

Comment by sadegh |

i cant used that because you just support ubonto and windows what about fedora?

That's right. I don't have the time to support every fuckin' Linux flavor, hehe.

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Comment by pockethook |

It would be nice to have support for *.y files without having to change them to *.bw.

Comment by Rangler |

It's always a pleausre to hear from someone with expertise.