As of April 2019


  • Added option to "open as" something, e. g. raw or some plugin
  • Support IPT (ICtCp) and YCbCr w/ Dolby PQ as integer and floating point
  • Nits nonsense is gone. Might return with a tone mapper.
  • Subtle gamma conversion dropped. Might not return, whatever happens.
  • DPX format: Fix a stride bug for 16bit and now also supporting packed 10/12bit
  • Fix Drag and Drop on macOS Mojave (lower macOS versions no longer supported)
  • Fix scaling with special DPI on Windows
  • Fix crash on updating/Windows
  • Fix copy frame w/ magnifier on Windows
  • Fix fullscreen display on macOS
  • … and inherent fixes


  • Dark mode for macOS Mojave (lower macOS versions no longer supported)
  • Mark difference file with a Δ
  • Print each difference file's frame count individually
  • Show changes for of upcoming versions in update dialog
  • Allow > 10bit for UYVY (Linux)
  • Fixed loading of MOV/MP4 plugin when no proper plugin path is set
  • Fixed wrong 1st diff pixel for uYvY-like diff views
  • … and fundamental fixes


  • Remember min/max floating point values
  • Windows version's magnifier was wrong in 1.9.7, at times
  • Allow uyvy-like formats for ITP
  • Fix: vooya would not handle well strange plugin paths
  • Fix: some MOV files would not be played by voo+
  • … and sore fixes


  • Drag-Drop image format is remembered
  • Async frame count update mechanism is more robust now
  • macOS console window now shows messages that came before its appearance
  • … and sensual fixes


  • Faster rendering on macOS 10.13 and Windows, fixing potential jitter/artifacts
  • TIFF screenshots are now stored in 16bit RGB
  • … and steam fixes


  • Fixed annoying crashes on older processors
  • Added interleaved 4:4:4 floating point support
  • … and soft fixes


  • Fixed bug with display of 16bit planar formats
  • … and no more fixes


  • Faster rendering for planar formats on newer processors
  • User can now choose NV21 from command line
  • Fixed unresponsive format dialog on macOS when resolution is unknown
  • … and a few rude fixes


  • Support mov and mp4 (plugin from github.com/arionik/vooPLUS)
  • Support different color channel order for NV12 (i.e. support NV21, thx, Arkady!)
  • Report color space used in short info, unless it is plain YCbCr
  • Fix crashing cache when Format Dialog is used (Windows), thx Huhn
  • Add HLG-related EOTFs
  • Some minor GUI enhancements
  • … and the alleged fixes and enhancements


  • Ubuntu 17/64bit version
  • Fast y4m loading (who uses this dumb format and why?)
  • Support higher bit depths in y4m (AV1-like "C420p12" etc.)
  • Support AVI (raw and mjpeg)
  • Always use hi quality scaling for BinaryDiff
  • Use native JPEG color format, if applicable
  • Plugins may now update their frame count asynchronously
  • Fix aspect ratio display / macOS
  • … and rapid fixes


  • Plugin API now allows pixel-wise diff callbacks and printing text
  • Put a diff gain knob into the lower bar like on macOS/Win (Linux)
  • Optionally display rendered FPS (View Menu)
  • Fix for occasionally slow playback on windows
  • Fix for occasionally too fast/unresponsive playback on windows (thx ukowa)
  • … and stiff upper fixes


  • Move larger video with ctrl/option-<<arrow>>
  • Difference gain is no longer reflected in histogram
  • Fix for low bit depth file display
  • … and awkward fixes


  • Fix for 4:4:4-planar formats
  • Manjaro/ARCH version
  • … and rigid fixes


  • Speed ups and optimizations
  • macOS: click dock icon to cycle windows
  • Linux: added "Open File Location" (Ctrl-E)
  • Dropped YUY2 (alias for YUYV) and support YVYU instead
  • Fixed occasional failure of opening (larger) files
  • Fixed occasional failure of planar 420 (double floating point) rendering
  • Fixed Linux Synchronized Playing (QT sucks, my apologies)
  • Fixed Linux window title setting in difference view
  • Now officially non-smoking
  • … and sound fixes


  • P010, P016 format support
  • Plugins can have global settings now
  • vooya now helps with installing plugins
  • A console window can be used to dump messages from plugins
  • Added --plugin <<binary>> command line flag to load just one plugin
  • Histogram for bit depths other than 8 or 16 was buggy sometimes
  • Fixed linux command line parsing
  • Fixed macOS opening with dropped file
  • … and amère fixes


  • Added --header_bytes command line option
  • Fixed Histogram update on macOS
  • Allow higher quality upscaling (View Menu)
  • Magnifier text is now also saved in images (windows)
  • Faster zooming when not fit2window (macOS)
  • Fixed a crash when opening floating point data
  • Fixed grid display on macOS
  • Fixed Windows console output
  • … and luminous fixes


  • Fixed Opening DPX and EXR with unspecified or bad aspect ratio
  • Fixed Histogram crash for bad input data
  • Fixed erroneous call of histogram plugin callback function
  • … and versatile fixes


  • Optional Cache for High Resolution / slow loading
  • Magnifier size now kind of switchable
  • Get a preview also for TIFF, DPX, Radiance etc.
  • Extended File Info Window
  • Experimental support for ICtCp (a.k.a. ITP) color space
  • Allow more raw formats and color spaces for TIFF images
  • Allow v410 packing for HSV color space
  • Linux Look and Feel like Windows' now
  • Faster Magnifier on Linux
  • CentOS 7 64bit version
  • Menu reorganization
  • macOS Sierra compatibility
  • Better DPI support for Windows
  • … and liquid fixes


  • Added option to create directories on the fly on saving (OSX)
  • Allow "<<something>> | vooya" (no args) on console
  • Fixed: Deinterlacing sometimes happened to show some artefacts
  • (Sandboxed OSX) Fixed: loading of file sequences failed sometimes
  • … and unlikely fixes


  • Windows now 64bit, if applicable
  • Ubuntu 16 support
  • Real yuv10 support
  • Deeper support for PQ/ST.2084
  • Experimental Plugin API
  • Go2Pixel to open magnifier quickly at exact position (Tools Menu)
  • Grid color can now be customized
  • Added --order and --color2 command line flags
  • Color spaces are now auto-detected from filename, e.g. "2020F.rgb" (thanks, Anders)
  • Fixed: Format dialog could crash sometimes (OSX)
  • Fixed: Reload behaviour was weird sometimes
  • Fixed: Calculation issues for files with endian swap
  • … and invisible fixes


  • Added difference side-by-side mode
  • Differentiate between full-range- and video-YCbCr
  • Metrics display is also toggled by "Timecode etc." or "T"
  • Fixed: Histogram display of signed differences
  • Fixed: Metrics dump omitted first frame — sorry!
  • Fixed: r210 and v410 chroma PSNR was set to zero
  • Fixed: Dragging screenshot into Skype on Windows
  • Fixed: Single frame y4m (thanks, tmatth)
  • … and secret fixes


  • Color
  • r210 and v410 raw data support
  • Support .hdr (Radiance) format
  • Added some transfer functions
  • Experimental YCgCo, P3 and ACES Support
  • Added constant global display color settings
  • User-specified download location for update packages (Win)
  • Optionally, floating point diff's PNSR can be calculated from frame's per-channel maxima/minima.
  • Embarrassing: update notification swapped current and new version (thanks, mwege)
  • FIXED: did you see any difference between ITU color space settings? Me neither.
  • FIXED: Re-enabled full channel permutation for Luma-Chroma formats
  • FIXED: Aspect Ratio Display / OS X
  • … special fixes.


  • Speed
  • Support for one-file-per-frame sequences
  • TGA sequence support is back
  • Added "--endian yes|no" and "--flipped yes|no" command line switches
  • Histogram logarithmic display is remembered
  • Fix for tiled TIFF
  • … the unusual fixes.


  • OpenEXR has a default gamma of 2.2 again
  • Playlist support (Press P)
  • … the usual fixes.


  • Faster startup on Mac
  • Better magnifier and drawing performance
  • Move magnifier with shift faster or from grid block to grid block
  • New command line options:
    --loop, --histogram, --fullscreen, --screen, --signed
  • Grid size and HEVC stuff are now saved per sequence
  • PNG input support with up to 16bits and gray
  • Added a dedicated difference gain control (Windows, OS X)
  • Fixed conversion of v210 content
  • Fixed pasting into powerpoint and other MS-office crap
  • Fixed a crash on reading CINEON files
  • Fixed TIFF reading of planar RGB files
  • Fixed a frame count bug on reading image sequences
  • UI enhancements
  • Minor bug fixes


  • F5 triggers windows reload
  • Tiled TIFF support; JPEG-TIFF for Windows
  • YUV, make coloring consistent with hardware colors (Y is green etc.)
  • Fixed a crash when showing HEVC CTU properties
  • UI Fixes


  • Faster playback w/ magnifier on OS X
  • CLI supports --bits and --container_bits now
  • Growing files are played as long as possible
  • On dropping a file from vooya onto vooya, perform a direct diff to current file
  • vooya for Mac is available in the Apple App Store now
  • Fixed: some video settings were not stored correctly
  • UI enhancements


  • OpenEXR
  • YUV10 format support. (choose UYVY, 10bits, big endian in the format dialog.)
  • Added destructive conversion: rotation, mirroring, deinterlacing
  • Added forward/backward buttons for click lovers (customizable under Settings)
  • Image Adjustments are bound to sequence properties now: they are remembered.
  • All video sequence settings should be remembered now, forever (this breaks prior memory - sorry).
  • Zoom factor is remembered now and propagated to child descendant windows, for god's sake
  • Fit to window / new scaling paradigm
  • On dropping a file onto vooya, you can hold SHIFT to issue a diff between dropped and current file
  • Keyboard shortcut for Image Adjustments changed to "X"
  • Fixed: who made the histogram dialog dockable?
  • Fixed: App Signing / Gatekeeper issues on Mac
  • Fixed: p422 pixel display was wrong for chroma
  • Fixed: y4m eof did not work
  • Various fixes


  • Synchronized playing now supports more than two players per sync group
  • Fixed an embarrassing drop bug
  • Histogram dialog is dockable now
  • Every format (except for NV12) can now be marked as planar interlaced
  • GUI enhancements
  • various fixes


  • Added an optional frame offset for difference view (on CLI: -do N, --diff_offset N)
  • Added an optional frame offset for synchronized playing
  • Added RGB565, RGB555 formats (who needs them anyway)
  • Support for planar formats in floating point (32bit/64bit)
  • Support for signed il422 8bit formats, signed nv12, signed v210
  • User resolutions are now remembered as proposals
  • Better DPX support; full magnifier support
  • TIFF support, also for higher bit depths
  • Most recently used difference views are remembered now (Tools Menu)
  • Duplicate Window with CTRL-D / CMD-D
  • Support for HSV color space (planar/interleaved)
  • Support for planar interlaced video (Experts section in format dialog)
  • Choose between ITU Rec. 709 and ITU Rec. 601
  • Nice editable labels for Image Adjustments (thanks to ukowa)
  • Added the HDR Evaluation Tool to make HDR content visible on an 8bit display like yours (Hit "B")
  • FIXED: Histograms for HDR content; quick percentage measure added (click/drag)
  • FIXED: support "001.tiff"-style image sequence namings
  • FIXED: support images sequences with offset
  • various fixes

0.9.2 (Beta)

  • Y4M files can be read from stdin
  • No more need for "-" as stdin flag
  • Remember most recent export image format
  • Added bounce mode for looping
  • Added SSIM metric
  • Support magnifier value display for DPX and Y4M
  • Drawing width and color can now be altered under Settings
  • Fix for wrong channel name display (RGB planar formats)
  • Fix Histogram/Channel Stepping/DI stepping forward on stdin
  • Fixed some issues with DPX images
  • Added a cheat sheet for keyboard commands
  • minor fixes

0.9.1 (Beta)

  • Fix for 32bit formats (quad formats) in histogram display
  • Support for RGB percentages display
  • Support for synchronized channel iteration
  • Fix for pipe input
  • minor fixes

0.9 (Beta)

  • added y4m support
  • added dpx support
  • added support for image sequences
  • histogram display ("H")
  • enhanced loading over slow (network) connections
  • added format dialog with preview

0.8.1 (Beta, Windows only)

  • Fixed installation
  • Fixed occasional crashes on loading / drop operations

0.8 (Beta)

  • GUI enhancements, esp. under Mac OS X
  • Added XYZ/YIQ color spaces
  • Added subsampled interleaved formats (i422,i411,i410)
  • Revamped formats sections to be more generic
  • Many more color order permutations
  • Added support for dumping PSNR data to a file/stdout/stderr
  • Added binary difference mode, RGB reflecting each channel respectively
  • Added "find first difference"
  • Fixed updating mechanism
  • Brightness/Contrast/Gamma settings can now be saved and used later
  • Application can be set as toplevel window

0.7.1 (Beta)

  • Support for v210 difference view
  • … for NV12 as well

0.7 (Beta)

  • Support for planar RGB in different flavors (RBG, GBR, GRB, +alpha etc. pp.)
  • GUI enhancements, esp. for OS X (Retina-ready)
  • Grid overlay enhancements
  • fixes for synchronization / option to link difference view to original one
  • Synchronized reload
  • Show macroblock number in magnifier
  • “Stay on top” - switch (Ctrl-T)
  • Fullscreen fixes / enhancements
  • up/down now cycles thru color channels
  • Smaller bugfixes

0.6 (Beta)

  • GUI enhancements, esp. for OS X
  • show frame count on diff cycling
  • nv12 support
  • Configurable grid overlay
  • Fix for opening multiple instances (Linux & Mac)
  • Fixes for higher bit depth color formats
  • Smaller bugfixes

0.5.1 (Beta)

  • Bugfix release
  • speed up windows looping
  • "T" now controls Metrics display as well.
  • Fixed picture export which always included text overlay.
  • v210 support

0.5 (Beta)

  • Support for MacOS (Mountain Lion)
  • Improved magnifier to work well with touchpads; keyboard control for magnifier (Q,W,E,S)
  • New tool to extract parts of a sequence
  • New tool to reverse a sequence
  • New tool to normalize a file name according to the current format
  • Display of HEVC CU-address and partition index
  • Added brightness, contrast and gamma control
  • Added switching through diff components (V,C)
  • Reworked the sync mechanism
  • File format settings are remembered now (up to 50 files) 

0.2.1 (Beta)

  • Improved magnifier
  • Better quality on downscaling / anamorphic display
  • CTRL-Return for format dialog (Windows)
  • Fixed need for "./" on Linux / command line
  • Fixed large file support (Windows)
  • Fixed higher bit depth difference display

0.2 (Beta)

  • Enhanced command line for scripting (--diff, --link, --play)
  • Enhanced sync on Linux
  • Check for updates
  • Sync dialog now shows file names
  • Magnifier now showing hex values
  • Support endianness
  • Faster Rendering
  • Configurable anamorphic factor
  • Anamorphic display working much better now
  • Drawing mode more consistent
  • Fixed various bugs

0.1 (Beta)

  • Initial version for testing