Keyboard Cheat Sheet

File Handling

O Open File
Hold shift to bypass fetching video format from the database.
Hold Ctrl to suppress parameter guessing from filename.
Ctrl-R Reload from disk
Ctrl-F Open format dialog
Ctrl-I Extended File Info
Ctrl-N Open new window
Ctrl-D Duplicate window
P Show playlist manager
Ctrl-E Show File in Explorer
(Escape), ALT-F4 Close window

Player Control

Space Play/Pause
Left Previous frame
Right Next frame
Shift-Left Fast backward
Shift-Right Fast forward
End Last Frame
Home First Frame
Ctrl-G Go to frame


M Toggle Magnifier
Q Move Magnifier one pixel left
E Move Magnifier one pixel right
W Move Magnifier one pixel up
S Move Magnifier one pixel down
Ctrl-Shift-G Go to pixel …
Move the magnifier faster by holding Shift; if a grid is enabled, the magnifier will jump from block to block.

Difference View

D Difference against …
C Previous Diff Component
V Next Diff Component
You can drop a file onto vooya while holding Shift to get a difference view; also, you can drag a file from another vooya instance onto the current one to get the diff. Recent difference views can be found in the menu.


T Toggle Timecode
I Toggle Deinterlacing
Up, N Next color channel
Down, Shift-N Previous color channel
G Grid Overlay
Ctrl-T Toggle Stay On Top
X Image Adjustments
H Histogram


F Toggle fit to window
. Original size
+/- Larger/Smaller
A Toggle Maintain Aspect Ratio
F11 Toggle Fullscreen
R Rotate displayed image


Ctrl-C Copy frame as PNG
Ctrl-Shift-S Save frame as image
Ctrl-S Settings
Shift-Esc Detach/attach plugins